House of Holy Humor
"Laugh until you cry.
 Cry until you laugh."
 - Rev. BAM
A secular congregation for the humor arts.
All humans welcome.
Services begin Spring 2021.
as vital tools
for living well
with each other,
and ourselves. 


Monthly newsletter
for living the tools
of Love, Art, and Humor. 
"Live at the speed of Laughter, 
                   of Love,     
                   of Art."
                   - Rev. BAM
AND NOW - MIGHT - 2.7 - Beverly Chang ph


New holidays every day

for everyday wellbeing.

Circus of the Heart  

Weekly storytelling vidcast -
 tales of challenging times
...told with Humor today.  
"When you can laugh with it,
 it doesn't own you 
 emotionally anymore."
 - Rev. BAM

Ripple Affection 

Socially Engaged Art 
Commissions for Arts, Corporate,
& Community Events.  
Maria is President of Napping. Abby is P
#IDanceLikeU dancers in Dance Parade 201
"ROI: Return on Intimacy,
             on Involvement,
             on Inside Jokes."
             - Rev. BAM
with Jared Donohue Robinson
Photo: Beverly Chang
Jester of the Peace
"Everything that happens
 on your wedding day
 is good luck."
 - Rev. BAM
Ordained Interfaith Minister
celebrating Marriage Equality.
Honored in The Knot Hall of Fame
Weddings for creative couples.