House of Holy Humor

"Live at the speed
       of Laughter,

       of Love,
       of Art."
      - JotP
Secular services to live
Love, Art, and Humor
week by week together,
online & worldwide.

Launching August 2022


New holidays every day

for everyday wellbeing.

"Holidays make us brave.

This time I'll do it!

Let's make every day a holiday"    - JotP

It's Funny Now

Storytelling videocast -
 tales of challenging times
...told with Humor today.  
"When you can laugh with it,
 it doesn't own you 
 emotionally anymore."
 - JotP   #ItsFunnyNow
with Jared Donohue Robinson

Ripple Affection 

Socially Engaged Art 
Commissions for Arts, Corporate,
& Community Events.  
Maria is President of Napping. Abby is P
#IDanceLikeU dancers in Dance Parade 201
"ROI: Return on Intimacy,
             on Involvement,
             on Inside Jokes."
             - JotP
Jester of the Peace
Weddings for creative couples.
Ordained Interfaith Minister
celebrating Marriage Equality.
"Everything that happens
 on your wedding day
 is good luck."
 - JotP
Honored in The Knot Hall of Fame