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welcome to
House of Holy Humor

A non-religious congregation for humor, art + love. 

First Service (15 min.)

HHH Daily Practices


Learn from Jester of the Peace and guest luminaries how to create more humor + connection in your life. 

Get a boost from true stories of events that were not funny then, yet are funny now.

Share your strories!


Enjoy creative self-expression experiences in our group. Be seen, heard + celebrated!

Explore artful prompts to activate your 7 senses. 7? Yes, 7!

Share your creations!


Discover how to share creative expression events with your loved ones. Bring your special people closer. 

Choose how you will spread love day to day.

Share your ripple effect!!


Like what?

It's a surprise!

How to:

• Release Stress

• Express Ourselves

• Improve Our Health

• Reconnect To Others

• Celebrate Life

Why Humor? (13 min.)

"Laugh until you cry.
 Cry until you laugh."
             - JotP
   (3 pillows on which we REST...)

The 3 Pillows 


We believe humor is a powerful force of healing and harmony for all people. We're serious! Humor is the unsung hero of sanity, and healthy community. 

Positive humor helps us grow beyond shame, embrace the journey of change, be brave and be known, express ourselves, and naturally act for a win-win world.


Laughter is a vital part of every recovery journey, every dream's journey into being, every love story. 


We believe art and creative expression are basic human rights. Art helps us discover and share what is beyond regular communication -- that which comes from undefined, unknowable origins, yet that powers intimately through us. Art is access to and action from the infinite. 

Art is also artfulness, bringing qualities of attention, craft and enjoyment into regular aspects of daily life. How could we put on our shoes artfully today? 


We believe love brings affection to our imperfections, creates connection, and leads us in new, good direction. 

It's common to distill the meaning of life down to love. Yet what is it?

Our definition of love is "win-win." Love is creating a world in which all people are seen, heard, celebrated and connected; all our gifts found, given, and appreciated.


Love honors life's shadows and light together, bringing celebration to our shared journey. Just like Art. Just like Humor. Trifecta! 

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