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"Have Fun, Be True."



is ART

© 2019 Barbara Ann Michaels 


646-648-0128 | PO 715, NYC, 10024

Love Letter Lounge

A participatory Pop-Up Post Office for sharing your heart by hand.


All hearts welcomed:

  • Happy-in-love

  • Eager-to-love

  • Almost-healed

  • Still-bitter


Addressed letters are mailed free; unaddressed are ritually released.

Pen your affection:

  • Romantic connection

  • Friend/Family

  • Co-worker

  • Stranger

Pen your rejection:

  • Fizzled flame

  • Bad habit

  • Old news

"Hi Barbara, it was wonderful meeting you. I read my love letter and it was so inspirational. It was from Julia and really touched me. I want to thank you for doing what you do."  

- Gail, on getting a love letter from a stranger

"I feel so much better." 

- Joy, in a secret note to Barbara at chashama


The Assemblage NOMAD, New York, NY

Museum of Modern Art (Rogue, shhh, don't tell!), New York, NY


Settepani, Harlem, New York, NY

SohoPlaces, New York, NY


Vital Signs Residency, Plainfield, MA

Blindfolded Contact Improvisation Jam, Greenfield, MA


The Cell Theatre, New York, NY


chashama 217, New York, NY