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We dance like you to create peace and understanding

because 80% of communication is non-verbal.

#IDANCELIKEU crosses over culture, gender, age, ability, language and economics.

We simply dance like you to love you.

Chashama @ Port Authority Bus Terminal | Dance Parade | Riverdale Riverfest | Mermaid Parade

The 1st #IDanceLikeU troupe - in Dance Parade 2017.jpg What utter joy evoked and shared
#IDanceLikeU dancers in Dance Parade 2017.jpg Our first event, creating a #rippleaffection of unity
#IDanceLikeU in Dance Parade NYC - we mirror the moves of the audience - the people who thought they
Clown Dancers, pink, red, and perky, and ready to Dance Like U in Dance Parade..
Shanna is looking for her next dance partner... in the Dance Parade audience
#IDanceLikeU at Riverdale Riverfest
Barbara, Jack, and Mari danced like you in Dance Parade
After Dance Parade... aren't we adorable in our endless enthusiasm for connecting
#IDanceLikeU in Dance Parade - fulfilling my artistic vision of a clown dance group that dances spon

"All those smiles and giggles - wily, silly, fun, funky juice. Lit-up eyes shining are still vibrating in my bones and radiating my heart-on, big time, on the max high-level joy-factor setting!"

- Rachel, New York City

"The intentions of joy we set came out in each of the dancers we engaged with. I saw a lot of happiness that crossed over age-race-language-economic barriers. Bravo & thank you, Barbara Ann."

- Suzanne, New York City

"I was so uplifted by the experience, seeing people, bringing them and those around them higher, creating more love and connection and leaving people with the gift that they made a positive experienceThank you, Barbara, for creating this beautiful idea, and for all of you to co-create." 

- Mari, New York City

"Thank you all so very much for being community stars. Our audience felt celebrated, loved, and energized by our true recognition of each other across the metal fence. I loved our songs and dances, how we took turns leading and supporting each other's intuition with people. Thank you again for showing up and sharing up."  

- Barbara, New York City (yup, that's me)

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