What if you could call yourself on the phone...

and tell yourself everything you've been holding beck? 

Calling In

  1. So Sorry.

  2. Thanks...

  3. Love, Love, Love

  4. It's OK Now.

  5. Keep Going.

  6. ?

  7. Record Me.

2016 | Featured in:

GaleriaZero @ NauArt | Barcelona, Spain

Calling In can be both comforting and confronting to guests. Here are two responses from the show at NauART in Barcelona:

A comforted Gallery Guest:


"Hey Barbara, I just wanted to say thank you so much for reconnecting me with my higher self and guides...every time she calls now I turn my hand into a little pretend phone and have a chat. It's helping me a lot through some very uncertain times...lots of love, xxxx"

A confronted & inspired Guest:

"I found Calling in a provocative but needed performance. That day I sat down onto the round but comfortable chair, saw myself "inside" the mirror and even if I held the phone for a while I couldn't say anything to myself. Maybe because there is/was a mental block and wasn't ready to say anything yet. But definitely, I should talk to myself more often as I do to breathe and take energy, and continue walking my way. Thank you for giving us one pause for thought."

About Calling In:


This interactive installation, “Calling In,”  arose from my time spent in solitude this year. After changing my love, my home, my work, and some friendships all at once, I found myself face to face with only myself at times - as if in a mirror. There was a light and a darkness. As I had conversations with myself, I got real, saying what needed to be said to honor where I have been, mourn the losses, celebrate the freedoms, and the lasting friendships, and instigate new creativity. One day, I was sitting on the edge of a bed, and spoke to myself out loud, comforting myself. I knew in that moment that I “had my own back” as my own true friend and protector. You are invited into conversation with yourself now, too, to tell yourself everything you have been holding back, and to listen for your own response. The form of the telephone represents that sometimes, especially during difficulties, we can feel divided and separate inside our own selves. Yet, trust that there is a 24/7 phone hotline inside each of us -- trust that a part of you will always answer your own call.

Here's a blog post by Beatriz Lizana.

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