Stroll the New York City street numbered for your age, anniversary or milestone.




Walks NYC

  1. Slow down.

  2. Use all your senses.

  3. Trust your intuition.

  4. Follow your impulse.

  5. Take photos; Make notes.

  6. Talk about it. Draw insight.

  7. Keep going. 

What draws your attention?

  • Architecture

  • People 

  • Foods

  • Textures

  • Words/Messages  

  • Sounds 

What do these moments mean to you about your new year of you to come? 

Wander in wonder and wisdom... 

...walk 42nd St. when you're 42!

Mik 53rd Birthday Walk
Steve on 63rd Street008
Steve on 63rd Street025
Steve on 63rd Street044
Steve on 63rd Street096
Steve on 63rd Street069
Shannon Bday Walk - 39th - September 201601
Shannon's 39th Bday Walk09
Shannon's 39th Bday Walk33
Shannon Bday Walk - 39th - September 201662
Shannon's 39th Bday Walk16
Jeff B. 50th Bday Walk - 2016 - 28
Jeff B. 50th Bday Walk - 2016 - 33
Jeff B. 50th Bday Walk - 2016 - 27

"My wife gave me a birthday walk for my 63rd birthday and while I knew we’d be walking from river to river, I had no idea what to expect.  But the day still managed to surpass anything I could have imagined.  Barbara has this wonderful ability to use found items and situations as prompts to initiate questions that helped me think about my past, my present and most importantly, my future.  The day was full of serendipitous situations such as when shortly after talking about the importance of breathing deeply we stumbled upon a Zen center offering mediation classes.  Barbara is incredibly smart, fun, intuitive and spontaneous.  She helped me notice things that I just wouldn’t have noticed if I were walking at my normal pace and in my normal headspace.  I’m already looking forward to 64th Street!" - Steve

• Wander 77th Street at 77, West to East.
• Strut 10th St. at 10, East to West. 


• Hold hands along 25th Street on your 25th Wedding Anniversary. 

• Celebrate 7th St. for your 7th year of quitting smoking. 


• Rock 5th St. after 5 hot years at your company. 

• Stroll your Sales Staff across 50th St. for closing 50 deals.


• Bounce up 13th St. for your bar/bat mitzvah. 

• Waltz across 18th St. when you get into college. 

Want a Walk for 

your special event?

"The best gift to myself. I was amazed how mundane signs and shops became catalysts. Everything I created in my Birthday Walk is happening: my business has taken off,

my love life is flourishing. I’m living as a powerful woman whose time it is to shine.” 
- Cynthia

“Just magical - Barbara curated a magnificent experience. Even though I’m a native New Yorker, I saw, felt, and heard things I’ve never experienced before. 
- Alejandro

"Barbara Ann Michaels' City streetwalkabout is part visual and historical picnic, part free-form frolic, part meditation... all serendipity and discovery. A delightfully different way to celebrate a special year in my life, spelunking East Side to West for my 57th birthday." 
- Colin

"Barbara gave me an absolutely delightful Birthday Walk! The most serendipitous of circumstances combined with Barbara's insight, wisdom and sense of hilarity inspired both clarity and tenderness about my upcoming year. It was a rich and totally fun experience." 

- Sharon


2.5 hours • $375

We walk your Street straight through.

Stroll River to River, in either direction. 

What's calling your attention, reflection? 



Half Day • $575 | Whole Day • $950 

Add going into shops and hot spots.

Taste bakery bites, savory snacks. Sip drinks.

Smell the soaps and flowers.

Hear the music and move.

Touch the fabrics and the artful architecture.

Ride the elevator to the top floor.



Custom Design: Starts at $1475

Add lunch and/or dinner.

Book a massage en route. 

Let us surprise you with a creative day.  

All-Inclusive Strolls cover all costs.

A La Carte Strolls cover our special treats,

and you add spontaneous delights as you wish. 


Call 646-648-0128 with your stroll goal

• Guests? Sure!
• Custom Routes? Yes, what’s your wish?
• Partial Routes? Ask us! 
• Groups? Yes, tell us more!

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