Women, real-deal revealed, express themselves in any way, on the theme of the month as interpreted by them, for up to 10 minutes - and somehow in relation to their own lives. It's serious, it's funny, it's profound, it's rich, it's a joy. 

Some women are professional performers, and some have never taken any stage. This diversity of women's expression is equalizing and celebratory. 


AND NOW:WOMAN is running monthly in New York, since our first show in May 2015 in Paris. In 2017, we started touring ongoing shows to Austin, Miami, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, and beyond... 

The best community building, wound healing, act of self-love,

commitment to activism I've ever been honored to see, hear and celebrate.

Looking forward to the next one for sure!

- Ilov, New York City 

"I so enjoy getting to know my sisters this way, in songs, stories, poems, and in our hearts. I just want to tell everyone. Barbara weaves us together in an affectionate embrace. For any of you who want to share or present something but are scared, please know you will not find a more enthusiastic audience. We who will laugh at your foibles - because we've all been there. We'll sigh at your heartbreaks - because we've all been there. And we will applaud your courage - because the courage of a woman to survive in this Century, and live to tell the tale, or sing her song or dance her dance - we all understand.

Fabulous evening. 
Incredible talent. 
Women telling their stories, finding the words, not being silenced, connecting. Moving in unison. 
Bravo Ladies."

- Madelyn, New York City

"It was my first time at this Salon, and I found the evening both inspiring and nurturing. It was good to share and get back into performing, great to listen to so much kick-ass talent, and wonderful to take part in candid, profound discussions". - Tracy, New York City

Your choice of  the theme"FIT" for me was profound - I didn't even know it was a subject I was waiting to explore!  It is artists like you who can open a window that the audience might not have noticed. Your first monologue connected to something I had been puzzling over.  Thanks to your work, I have lots more to think about. - Jane, New York City

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