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It's Funny Now - A Circus of the Heart 


"A profound, hilarious journey of insight and healing. Packed with the powerful and creative wit of our pastor/priestess, Barbara Ann Michaels. We were all blessed with the gift of comedy, a deep understanding of how it can be used to heal even deep, heartbreaking wounds, and the extraordinary wonder of finding ourselves able to laugh at pain, and in the laughter, feel it transform."

- Rachel, Connection Camp

Jared Donohue Robinson on almost drowning as a child... 

"When you finally can laugh with something, it doesn't own you emotionally anymore."

It's Funny Now, A Circus of The Heart is a series of first hand funny stories about experiences that were NOT funny while they were happening, yet are funny now. These humanly humorous tales are told by people of all cultures and beliefs, professional backgrounds, and all ages.  Yes, you can submit your true story to the show.  

What is a Circus of the Heart?

We go to the circus to see people do things that look impossible.

Walk the high wire. Ride a motorcycle in a wire sphere cage. Twist into a smiling human pretzel.  Each of these feats has us in the audience walk away feeling bolder ourselves: "Well, if Flying Frida can do a somersault in mid air, maybe I can ride that bike, after all."
The Circus gives us hope, strength, and space to grow.
The same goes for emotional feats. We need to see people overcome daring acts of forgiveness, bravery, ask for help, take responsibility, blaze a trail, hear no and not give up, or finally walk away. "Well, if Forgiving Frida can laugh about that time she lost her house in a hurricane, well, maybe I can call my brother, after all."
We need to laugh with what used to hurt. Not laugh at it, laugh with it. We will cry until we laugh. Rather than being a diversion, laughter is the harbinger of our healing.

Every human heart journeys from tears to laughter again and again - that's life's circus of the heart. 

It's Funny Now, A Circus of the Heart began as the Third Church of Comedy, an audience-interactive parody of a non-denominational spiritual service in the which the congregants (the audience) spontaneously tell from their own lives once-painful tales that are finally funny. A theatrical production of best-of tales from It's Funny Now, A Circus of the Heart is under development. 
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