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So, you're a Reverend?

Like, you preach?

I used to think what broke my heart the most was people living in pain. It's not. It's our unlived life: unspoken I-love-you's, undanced dances, unfelt feelings, ungiven gifts, untold tales, ungiggled giggles, even our undoodled doodles (which are the seeds of our next brilliant ideas.).

My definition of a fulfilling life is people having the time and space to discover their gifts, give their gifts, and be appreciated for their gifts. The experience of being seen, heard, celebrated and connected is central. 

So, I make participatory experiences and artworks --- performances, writing, rituals, installations, holidays --- to get as much of our undoneness done as we can... while we're here, now, together.

My tools are the trifecta for emotional well-being: Love, Art, and Humor. I work at their nexus. Using these tools daily promotes a life of self-expression and contribution in community, creating connection across a global-facing world. 


To these aims, as an Ordained Interfaith Minister, I lead a non-denominational  creative community using Love, Art, and Humor for social evolution worldwide. I leverage the Humor Arts for Humanitarian Aims (HAHA)

I combine intimacy, comedy, wisdom, and change.

Create humor from challenge.

Use sweetness preemptively.

Seek flow over force. 

Channel delight to ignite insight. 

It's often deceptively simple;

undefended and shared joy is revolutionary.


- Rev. Barbara Ann  Michaels

Jester of the Peace

So, you're an Artist?

Like, you paint?

Artist | Author | Actress | Adventurer | Ace 


Catalyst | Clown | Costumer | Curator | Clergy 


Dancer | Director | Dreamer  | Driver | Diva 


Event Entertainer  |  Editor 


Fortune Finder | Finesser | Founder | Friend 


Ivy Grad | Improviser | Idealist | Interfaith Minister

Musician | Magician | Merrimaker | Muse 

Performance Artist | Painter (sure, sometimes)


Reverend | Reframe Queen | Reveler | Revealer

Speaker | Soulmate | Skater | Spark 


Traveler | Truth Teller | Tour Guide | Teacher 

Wedding Officiant | Writer | Wonderer  | Winner

Barbara has performed in/on/at...

Rock concert
Fringe Festival

Street fair

Holiday Parade

Pride Parade

Opera house

Art Gallery

Baseball game

Town parade

Corporate party


Night club

TV special

Short film

International Festival

Circus tent...

Park bench

Hay bale

Roof of a car



Moving trolley

Street corner




Store window

Squash court


Open field

Living room


Abandoned bridge

Under an overpass...


Kids party

Public park

Public library





Schools K-12

Day Care Center


Senior center...

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