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New Holidays Every Day For Everyday Wellbeing.

Celebrate and Be Bold!



Holiday + Daily = HoliDaily

Holidays make people brave. On New Year's Day, they'll start that change. On Mother's Day, they'll reach out even if they're upset. On Halloween, they'll express a part of themselves they long for, or keep hidden. Changing, Connecting, and Expressing are important to everyday wellbeing. Since people get a boost to take special action on holidays, let's make every day a holiday, and take meaningful daily action, together.

Subscribe to Holidaily. Every day, enjoy one insight delivered with delight plus one clear action to bring you satisfaction. 


Celebrate and be bold!


"Every day, HoliDaily makes me think, makes me grateful, and makes me consider what’s in my grasp to make today a better day than yesterday. I really do appreciate hearing your words of wisdom every day. I’m giving HoliDaily as a gift to my sister and my friends!" - Melanie

"HoliDaily often brings a smile to my face, a twinkle in my eye and a new, expanding thought in my head - in other words, it’s a full body and soul experience! A fun daily reminder to celebrate being alive." - Marian

"Each HoliDaily message is short and playful, yet delightfully thought-provoking and inspiring. I look forward to HoliDaily with gleeful anticipation. Your creativity, coaching, space holding, and playful way combine to make you a true agent of transformation, healing and holy expression. HoliDaily is like a rain shower that falls at the perfect time and seeps deep, nourishing my soul… and then, like the sun beaming through the parting clouds, warms my heart and perks me right up!" - Linda

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