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Interactive characters and activities vitally connect your guests with your event theme and each other. Your guests delight in us, then remember you. We bring you a ripple effect of good feeling and motivation on your mission. We invent new characters for most events - corporate, non-profit, and community. Your event theme and goals fuel our creative process:


• Character Design         • Original Costumes

• On-Theme Scripts       • Performing & Photography

— all tight with your style + theme

Ball - Peggy's Score
BragBook - WalMart Greeting
BragBook - Ball Mic
BragBook - River Spirit - Hair Team
marblehead - shopper.BarbaraInCharacter
marblehead - mimic
BragBook - Glover Giggles
BragBook - Picaso-so
BragBook - Picaso-so - Back
Lullalee - Applied Theatrics - Strong and Fifi
Lullalee - Applied Theatrics - Fifi Welcome
BragBook - Diwali
BragBook - Kindergarten Day
BragBook - SunBio
BragBook - SunBio - Waving
BragBook - Eden - Miraculae
BragBook - Eden - Team
BragBook - Allston Brighton Teens
BragBook - Allston_Brighton Mom
BragBook - Iris
BragBook - SF Theatre Fest - Eyes Alive
BragBook - SF Theatre Fest
BragBook - Lion Wedding

 National Biodiesel Expo: 


"Barbara was a great ambassador.

She engaged the trade show, starting conversations and bringing visitors to

the booth. Her costume exceeded our expectations for quality and imagination. I wish all suppliers were as committed as Barbara! We'll use Barbara next year!"

- Steve Austin

General Manager, SunBio Systems 

Museum of Fine Arts, Art in Bloom: 


"Thank you so much for being our "Iris". You are delightful, engaging, beautiful, talented and whimsical! I loved conversing with you these past few months and was charmed upon meeting you. Our "Open House" was a huge success and lots of the credit goes to you."

- Susan Fink

Open House Chair, MFA Boston 

San Francisco Library Renovation: 


"Barbara Ann Michaels is a wonderful community partner! She really helped to capture the excitement and passion that we wanted our community to feel as they celebrated the renovation and improvement of their beloved branch library."

- Mary Abler

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library

Case Studies

Embodying a Corporate Message

SunBio Systems' Request

Attention-getting stilt character on the brand message, "Farm to Fuel," for their major trade show, the National Biodiesel Expo, in Florida. Audience: international bio-fuels technologists, investors, farmers, sustainability advocates, press.


Creative Response: Literal Translation

SunBio's products bridge farm and fuel -- so does our costume. At 8 feet tall, "Ms. Bio/Diesel" is designed around a two-toned top and pants. On the left side, she's a bright sunflower — with petals for arms, leaves on leg, and grass at foot. On the right side, she's a metallic, mechanical gas pump — with working digital counters, a slot to "swipe" a card (of the company president!) and a hose arm feeding a pump handle hand. SunBio's sunflower seed give-aways continue the conversation after the initial Wow! inspired by our costume among attendees.

Uniting a Community Through History

Marblehead Arts Festival's Request

A living statue for the annual July 4th street celebration in the New England seaside town. Audience: families, young adults, middle-aged adults, locals & tourists.


Creative Response: Historical Accuracy

We survey his bronze statue on Boston's Commonwealth Ave, then recreate this likeness down to waistcoat, britches, and (at the time) broken sword. For humor, we land a small seagull on his epaulet (reminiscent of statues worldwide!) and add high-heeled boots. Though he speaks no words and holds a stony expression, he communicates by the subtleties of when and why he moves, and at whom he looks.

Supporting a Marketing Campaign

Ball Horticultural's Request

Two characters derived from a new marketing campaign and TV spot about Wave petunia fanatics for their annual greenhouse show near Los Angeles. Audience: Flower growers, sellers, garden writers, competitors.


Creative Response: Stories and Props

We develop two full-storied characters fitting the consumer demographic. Sisters-in-law "Rose-Anne" and "Peggy" from "Bloomington" are comic foils — one bubbly, the other earnest. We devise on-message sketches for improvising with guests. Wave petunias are sold in pink pots; we enthuse, "We're so busy with work and kids, we just look for easy-to-spot pink pots!" We craft specialized props: A pocket garden for "weather tests," a petunia microphone for "interviews", an album of "family photos" full of petunias, and a sports-fan hand to bridge to our mostly male flower growers and sellers. We acquire a pile of hot pink paraphernalia, including handbags, spray bottle, ruler, spatula, pocket fan, parasol, and feather boas to support our funny interactive stories and decorate guests in photo ops.

Personifying an Event Theme

Allston & Brighton Community's Request

A commemorative parade character for the 200th birthday of adjacent Boston neighborhoods, Brighton & Allston. Audience: local families, officials, press


Creative Response: Poetic License

We invent the charming and funny Regency era "mother" of Allston & Brighton, taking the liberty of calling the towns "twins." In a period-style empire waist dress, hairdo, and shoes, our proud new mom carries twin dolls, nestled in caps monogrammed A and B. She weaves across the parade route, engaging crowds up-close on both sides with quick laughs. Waving and beaming, she coos over her babes, and crows, "This is little Brighton, he was born first, and this is Allston!" A banner proclaims the towns' birthdays and cradles the twins in its lace top. She's the only "historical" character in the parade!

Succeeding Even If Things Go Awry

Argh! The airline delays our stilt-walking costume.


Creative Response: Improvise

We speed-shop every gift store within walking distance. "Sunshine Clown" appears in polka dots & stripes, accented by a sparkly hat, boa, pearls, and a yellow umbrella, inverted to tote her give-aways. We devise an effective spiel for ground level.


Our Client's Praise: 

"We never worried a bit; we just knew she would pull it off, and she did. The most valuable part of her service is commitment to get the job done. I wish all suppliers were as committed as Barbara! Of course, on day 2 when her costume was there, she was fantastic! We will use Barbara again next year!" — Steve Austin, SunBio Systems

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