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Clown Curious

Become a clown for a day. Free yourself to play

Learn about yourself through humor and shared play.

Reclaim your imagination as an adult. Be free...

I share with you the relief to be playful, the honesty of connecting directly with passersby, and the simple joy of trusting your spontaneity.

Clown Curious 20103
clown curious interview
Clown Curious 20107
serious park clowns
Clown Curious 20105
Clown Curious 20106
douggie in the sticks
Clown Curious - Jake - New Roc - 2017 - 2_edited
Clown Curious - Jake - New Roc - 2017 - 3_edited
Clown Curious - Jake - New Roc - 2017 - 4_edited
Clown Curious 20101
Clown Curious 20108
Clown Curious 20109
Clown Curious 201010
Clown Curious 20102
Three Nose Johnny
clown curious pink faces
clown noses stf

About Clown Curious

No performance experience required, just an open spirit.

We meet in Central Park for a gentle body warm-up in nature. You learn about red noses, including why clown is misunderstood as an art form in the USA, yet celebrated by other cultures.

We each don our red nose (provided) in a fun ritual.

We go play, first in our group. In the Park, we discover and share our new joy with others. We play with whomever wants to play with us, young and old. Along our happy way, we visit lakes, fountains, trees, paths, historical buildings, and vistas. 


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