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Who Do You Love Who Is Different Than You?

Happy to be curated into the Roosevelt Island (NYC) Fall for Arts Festival today! The theme was Diversity, which each of the 25 artists was invited to interpret in their own way.

I focused my mural on "Who Do You Love Who Is Different Than You."

We interviewed people at the festival of all ages. Probably from age 2 to 80's. From each person, we asked the above question. They named someone they adore that they also find has opposite qualities to them. We then traced their arm onto the panel and wrote the name of their chosen person next to their hand - so they are reaching for their person visually.

One of the cutest moments was the toddler who told us she is different from her Daddy. Her Mom said, "Yes, you have hair and he doesn't!" Adorable. Also, I noticed that more people than I anticipated named their partner as the person from whom they differ. "They're more quiet, I am more outgoing," said one couple. I said, "Yes, I bet you balance each other." They both lit up and said yes. Another woman named her cat as one who is fundamentally different - being a cat and not a person, after all. A few people chose to name those who have opposite political views, who they love like crazy anyway. People were encouraged to interpret the question in their own way.

All in all, it was a warm creative experience of community connection.

Thanks to RIVAA, the Roosevelt Island Artists Association, and to Gene Seidman for sharing in creating the mural today.

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