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Barbara's Wacky Wedding Stories on Lust Life - Video

I was interviewed on Lust Life about four highly creative legal weddings I've performed as an Ordained Interfaith Minister. I officiate for couples who must express their creativity in their weddings, otherwise they won't feel real in their hearts. Other people need to observe traditions in their ceremonies to feel authentic. It's all equal; know what you need to celebrate in your style. I tell of Herman and Joel, whose marriage, after 28 years together, I officiated as Glinda the Good Witch of the North. Both are artists, adoring old Hollywood. She represented unconditional love and creativity to them. This video is dedicated to Herman's memory. Glenn and Bonnie wed in the middle of the night during Hurricane Sandy, after they found out their first officiant hadn't registered with City Hall, and their 8-year marriage was invalid. Hurricane night was their anniversary. Todd and Shirley had a roller disco wedding in the Central Park snow at New Year's, with me as Elvis, as part of their goal for the world record of vow renewals. Peter and Stephanie (who plays Lust Life's hostess, Veronica Willow) held a vintage-theme ceremony at the Bronx Zoo, officiated by me as a giraffe. They sang songs together and created an old-time comedy movie featuring the marriage of their shadow sides. Love is Art. Art is Love.

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