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Creative Couples Montage - Wed by Jester of the Peace - Video

I was a full time wedding minister, embracing Marriage Equality, for seven years. This video is a photo montage of some of my colorful couples in love. I learned so much about what people look like when their hearts are wide open, undefended, and ready to make a grand commitment in their lives. I also learned more about what makes harmony in love, as expressed in these vows, which are the starter repeat-after-me vows I provide:

You are my friend, my lover, and my partner. I love you fully and freely. As your husband/wife, I will cherish you as my family. I will respect and defend you. I will be open and honest with you as I listen to you and support you. I trust you and us. I will share your strength and peace, your humor and wisdom – in joy and sadness, comfort and adversity, now and through all the changes of our lives.

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