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#IVOTE4U - Be President

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

What would the world be like if we all voted for each other? #IVOTE4U is the election year project of Barbara's Ripple Affection interactive theater company. We vote for people in the streets to be President of anything they desire, from Peace, to Paris, to Pretzels. Whether a candidate is serious or silly in their answer is all good, what really gets our vote is their authentic self-expression in the moment. Hearing the words, "I vote for you," is empowering, as people try on leadership in their style. #IVOTE4U is topical to the election, yet the 2016 Presidential election is not the topic. If anyone brings up the Clinton/Trump election, we artfully change the subject back to them. We increase civic engagement by voting for voters. This video is of new Presidents from all over the world elected in Times Square, New York City - 2016.

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