#IVOTE4U in a storytelling show

I presented about the #IVOTE4U project -- voting for people in the streets to be President of whatever they desire, as a way to vote for our rights to self-expression and civic engagement simultaneously -- at a New York storytelling event called “Show and Tale.” People bring objects to the evening and then tell stories about them. Tonight was "Artist" night, and the host, Martie, invited me to share. This video includes my showcasing the behind the scenes workings of the project, by voting for the host Martie to be President of her heart's calling. (I'm not giving away her choice here!) We then inspire the entire audience to all vote for each other. I enjoy how they take it on with gusto, sharing Presidential pride and wishful voting. 2016

#rippleaffection #participatory #ART #interactive #interview #street #storytelling

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