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Rev. Barbara Ann Michaels, Jester of the Peace, works at the nexus of love, art, and comedy. She creates participatory performances, installations, and virtual experiences for you to self-express, connect in sudden truth, and transform. (Herself included, with auto-biographical shows and writing.) Enjoy awakening takes on shared culture, e.g. voting, phones, olympics, holidays, dinner, weddings, and spiritual services. She leads a global non-religious congregation, House of Holy Humor, leveraging the Humor Arts for Humanitarian Aims. (HAHA).


She is a graduate of Brown University (BA), Massachusetts College of Art (MFA), One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and the Cornell University Certificate in Women's Entrepreneurship, and attended the Salt Center for Documentary Field Studies.


She has studied physical theater with master teachers around the world including:  Avner The Eccentric & Julie Goell, Actor Basuri & SpyMonkey, The New York Goofs, Daniel Stein & D'ell Arte, Lume Teatro, Tony Montanaro, Ruth Zaporah, Deborah Kaufmann, Hilary Chaplain, and more.




Circus of the Heart | The Church | Sag Harbor, NY

#IVote4U | Chashama Gala  New York, NY

#IVote4U | Tourette's Association | New York, NY

Friend-Working | Industrious Co-Working | New York, NY

I Vote 4U | LightHouse RBNY | Rockaway Beach, NY

Love Letter Lounge | LightHouse RBNY | Rockaway Beach, NY

Circus of the Heart | Total Life | Online Nationally 

And Now Woman | Season 5 | Living Room Tour in NYC

Spring Clean Your Heart @ Love Letter Lounge | Online 


House of Holy Humor | Chashama @ Port Authority Bus Terminal |NY, NY 

Dot Dash | National Council of Jewish Women NY | NY, NY

It's Funny Now| Lahore Leads Univ. Experimental Psychology | Pakistan

It's Funny Now | Let the Girl Be | Uganda 


Love Letter Lounge| Marketplace of the Future w/ Lena Cole | New York, NY

​Sculpture Talk Back | Susan Eley Fine Art | Hudson, NY

House of Holy Humor First Service | YouTube


Clown Curious | The Hive at Claremont College | Los Angeles, CA

#IDanceLikeU | 15th Annual Dance Parade (online) | New York, NY

Love Letter Lounge | Global Play Brigade | Global Zoom

Love Letter Lounge Mother's Day | Global Play Brigade | Global Zoom


The Power of Love; Action = Love | Art 2♥ | New York, NY

#IDanceLikeU | 14th Annual Dance Parade (online) | New York, NY

#IVote4U | Tea Salon with Kiana Love (online) | New York, NY
Marry Your Self | Resilience #4 with Karla Rasmusson (online) |  NY

Juggling as Meditation | Relax With Adam | New York, NY

I Have a Vision | Community-Based Workshop | New York, NY

Clown Curious  | The Hive at Claremont College | CA


Juggling as Meditation | Newark Museum | Newark, NJ

Happy Habits | Newark Museum | Newark, NJ

Clown Curious | The Hive at Claremont College | Los Angeles, CA

Holy Humor | One Spirit Interfaith Seminary | NY

Black Tie White Lie | with Tom Morley | London & New York 

AND NOW:HUMAN Season 1 | USA Living Room Tour

AND NOW:WOMAN Season 5 | USA Living Room Tour

Love Letter Lounge | The Assemblage NOMAD | New York, NY

Love Letter Lounge | Girls | New York, NY

Lickers & Watchers | Parade of Love  | New York, NY

Love Letter Lounge | The Love Economy Love Fest | New York, NY

Immigration BFF | Human Rights Arts Festival |Immigration | NYC

Jester Of The Peace | Love Immersive | Moontribe | NYC

Do The River | Riverdale Riverfest | Riverdale, NY


AND NOW:WOMAN Season 4 | USA Living Room Tour

        New York City, Philadelphia, Newark, NJ, Washington, DC

Seven Senses Stroll | AirBnB Experiences | New York, NY

Love Letter Lounge | Settepani & Spaces NYC | New York, NY

First Church of Comedy | Connection Camp | Summit New Jersey

9 Million I Love You's | HeyTide Sunrise | Secret City | New York, NYThe Head of the Matter | Human Rights Arts Festival |Mental Health 2 | NYC

Stranger In a Normal Land | Human Rights Arts Festival | New York, NY

Great Fullness | ABC Carpet & Home Thanksgiving | New York, NY

11 Kevins | Failsafe Festival Share | New York, NY

Get Close | Music On The Inside Fundraiser | New York, NY

Measuring Love | Riverdale Riverfest | Riverdale, NY

Eat Your Art Out | Heartist Collective |GaleriaZero pop-up | New York, NYHidden


Books & Music | Failsafe Festival | New York, NY

#IVote4U | USA Street Tour funded by Participatory Safety, Inc.

        New York City, Miami, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago

AND NOW:WOMAN Season 3 | USA Living Room Tour

        New York City, Miami, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin

Comfort Able | Glasshouse ArtLifeLab, NeoDomesticities Performance Art Festival | New York, NY

Clown Curious | AirBnB Experiences | New York, NY

Books & Music | Movement Research at Judson Church | New York, NY

#IDanceLikeU | Dance Parade | New York, NY

#IDanceLikeU | Coney Island Mermaid Parade | New York, NY

#IDanceLikeU | Riverdale Riverfest | Riverdale, NY

#IDanceLikeU | Gratitude Migration | Keansburg, NJ

#IVote4U | Salsa for Sanar Fundraiser | New York, NY

Love Letter LoungeBlindfold Contact Improvisation Jam | Greenfield, MA

Dot the Director | Circus Minius | Bradenton, FL


WEquinox on the Equinox| Unarthodox | NY

Love Letter LoungeThe Cell Theater | NY

#IVOTE4U | Streets of NYC  | NY

AND NOW:WOMAN Season 2 | Living Rooms in New York City | NY

Calling In | GaleriaZero | NauART + Open Night | Barcelona, Spain
Knock, Knock, Who's Here | C. Maidique Gallery | Yonkers Art Week | NY
Play In A Day | Director | Barcelona Improv Group | Barcelona, Spain

Jester of the PeaceFaces & Names Gesamtkunstwerk | Cell Theater | NY

How I Met You: Love Stories I Have A Crazy Idea | Three Trees | NY


Love Letter Loungechashama 217 | NY

AND NOW:WOMAN Season 1 | Living Rooms | NY

Now Boarding at Gate Me | Claudine Maidique Gallery | Miami Project | FL

Jester of the Peace | chashama | 20th Anniversary Gala | NY

Valentine Vow Renewal for 300 Couples | Times Square Alliance | NY

Marry The Beast | The BETES Project | NY

Ripple Affection Street Team | Times Square | NY


Jester of the Peace | Susan Eley Fine Art | NY

Ripple Affection Street Team | Times Square | NY

Jester of the Peace | Manhattan LGBT Pride Parade | NY


Jester of the Peace | Figment Festival | NY

Ripple Affection Street Team | Times Square | NY

Jester of the Peace | Manhattan LGBT Pride March | NY


Jester of the Peace | New York Clown Theater March  | NY

Jester of the Peace | Figment Festival | NY

Clown Curious | Central Park | NY

Jester of the Peace | New York LGBT Pride March | NY


Jester of the Peace | chashama  | NY

Clown Curious | Central Park | NY

Jester of the Peace | New York LGBT Pride March | NY


Clown Curious | Central Park | NY

Cliff and the Hangers | Rake & Roll | New York Clown Theater Festival  | NY


Applied Theatrics Interactive | Tradeshows, Festivals, Galas | National US

Discovery Channel Australia

WAAF Radio, Boston

Ball Horticultural

SunBio Systems

Percussion Software
North Shore Spirit Baseball

Burton Associates
Windemere Housing Development

Stagecoach Improv

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Friends of San Francisco Library

Eden Trauma Center

San Francisco Theater Festival
Lullalee Publications
Dance Across the City Day
East Boston Main Streets

New York River to River Festival

First Night Portland

MaineArts Festival

Cambridge River Festival
Lakeville Festival of Arts & Music
Marblehead Festival of the Arts

Town of Hampton, NH
Boston International Festival
Cambridge Art in the Park

ArtsUnion Festival
Celebrate Chelsea Day
Chelsea River Revel
Cohasset Village Holiday
Morse Community School
St. John's Greek Church


Clown Curious | Central Park | NY


The Doormen | San Francisco Fringe Festival | CA


A Clown on Clowns | Nantucket School of Design & The Arts | MA

Only Fooling | Opera House, Arlington Center for the Arts | MA

WAK & BAM | Edinburgh Fringe, ImprovBoston, Feverestival, Brazil, NY Clown Fest


AHAH! A Human Among Humans | Cambridge Community TV | MA


After Onion…Balloon | Somerville Community TV | MA


Prayer to the Cookie God | ImprovBoston | MA

Living Statue/Jacobs story | One Step Beyond Discovery Channel | Australia


MONA: My Offering Neighborhood Art | “Chronicle” News WCVB-TV | MA


And Now | Massachusetts College of Art | MA

The Art Car Project | First Night Boston | MA


Vorpmi Comedic Improv | Resident Troupe | Elvis Room | Portland, ME




LightHouse RBNY | Station In Residence | Rockaway, NY

Liberty Cat | Catskill, NY


Vital Signs | Plainfield, MA



Circus of the Heart | EPIC International Summit | CA


Clown Curious | Epic International Summit |  CA


​It's Funny Now| She Leads Women's Entrepreneurs | NY​


Clown Curious| WE@Brown | Brown University | RI  

Clown Curious | Creative Problem Solving Institute | NY

Seven Senses Stroll | Applied Improvisation Network | NY


Heartist Collective | Performing the World | NY

Clown Curious | Creative Problem Solving Institute | NY


Moving.Media Unconference | Brown University | RI 



University of Nebraska - Lincoln | Media Program


It's Funny Now | UU Church of The Palisades | NJ 


NYU Masters in Entrepreneurship Program | NY, NY

Clown Curious | Fresh Connections Networking | NY


SUNY Stonybrook Graduate Art Program | NY 


Languages of Business | Power Partners Initiative | NY



Participatory Safety, Inc | #IVOTE4U | New York, NY


First Night Boston | JP Art Car Project | Boston, MA

Centre Street Cafe | JP Art Car Project | Boston MA

Finalist: New England Foundation for the Arts | JP Art Car Project 


Gravity Rules

Jack the Jester/Einstein/Newton Boston Museum of Science | MA

Jon Lipsky., Dir.


Foodplay National Tour

Coach Tobe

Foodplay Productions | National

Barbara Storper, Dir


Bernier Dance

Intergenerational Dance Ensemble Cindy Bernier, Choreo. | NYC


Dana Salisbury/No See Ums

Blindfolded Dance Ensemble

Dana Salisbury, Choreo. | NYC

Big Apple Circus Clown Care

Dr. BAMM, Clown Doctor

Boston Children’s Hospital | MA

Fighting Laughter Warrior

Iron Jester (silent ninja mime)

The Joe Kramer , Dir. | NYC


Manhattanpotamia IV

Punch, Stupina, Nelson

Hyperion Theatre | NYC


Red Tie Mafia

Improv Company Member

Michael Pauley, Dir. | NYC

Tribal Rhythms Storyteller/Musician/Teaching Artist Cooperative Artists Institute | MA


Behind the Mask Theater

Repertory Lion/Mermaid/Lucia

Young Audiences of Massachusetts,

First Night Boston | MA

Eric Bornstein, Dir.

Ghosts and Gravestones

Primrose the Night Gardener

Old Town Trolley, Boston | MA


Clowns Doktoren

Visiting Hospital Clown

Wiesbaden and Munich, Germany


Mystery Café

Repertory Ophelia/Jayne/Hans

Comedy Theater Productions | MA


Beacon Hill Walking Tour

Victorian Guide

Old Town Trolley, Boston | MA


Haunted Happenings

Commedia D’ell Arte

Peabody Essex Museum  | MA


Curve 9

Robot Dancer/Chorus

Spacejunc Productions | Boston | MA



Sideshow Stilt-Walker

Loeb Experimental Theater

Harvard University | MA

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