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Rev. Artist Barbara Ann Michaels, Jester of the Peace

Teaching Resume





  • MFA, Massachusetts College of Art, Studio for Interrelated Media
  • BA, honors, Brown University, Modern Culture & Media
  • Extensive training in Physical Theater with Master Teachers worldwide


Barbara teaches physical theater, improvisation, drama, and self-expression. She evokes confident, authentic, embodied, connected expression in the moment. Since 1998, she has taught over 1000 students ages 2 to senior adults in a variety of venues from master classes and artist residencies, to after- school, summer camps, college, and public and private art events. Barbara can link workshops/residencies with her own performances.


AND NOW: WOMAN, Living Room Tour, New York, NY and USA, 2015-2020

Vital Signs, Nine Mountain Retreats, Creative Process, MA, 2017

Nantucket Island School for Design and the Arts, Clown, MA, 2004

Visiting Artist Workshops

EPIC International Summit, Santa Barbara, CA 2023

Fresh Connections Networking, New York, NY 2022

The Hive at Claremont College, CA, Clown Curious, 2019 & 2020 & 2021

SUNY Stonybrook Graduate Art Class, Long Island, NY 2020

Creative Problem Solving Institute, Body Language & Humor, Buffalo, NY, 2018 & 2019

Power Partners Initiative, Body Language & Humor, New York, NY, 2018

Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Clown, MA, 2006
The Goddess Dancing Belly Dance Company, Physical Comedy, Boston, MA, 2006

Dance New England Camp, Juggling, Freedom, NH, 2005

Clown Curious with AirBnB, NYC, 2017-2019

Clown Curious in Central Park, NYC, 2009-2012

Funplay Symphony of Laughter Club, Laughter Leader, Boston, MA, 2005-07

Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Juggling, MA, 2006
Massachusetts College of Art, Undergrad, Art Meets Activism, MA, 1998

Praise from Networking Professionals:

"I was completely wowed. This felt like an Ivy League level university course on the Art of Clowning, and left me deeply inspired by how the nuances of clowning, play, and self expression can contribute to powerful and meaningful communication." 

- Cynthia Greenawalt, Power Partners Initiative

Praise from Belly Dancers:

"Thanks, the class was a blast! I learned so much more than I expected. Thank you for sharing your gift and your passion."
- Cathy Moore, The Goddess Dancing Belly Dance Company


Brown Univ./Nathan Bishop School, Providence, Video, Providence, RI, 1993-4

Visiting Artist Workshops

Merrimack Repertory Theater Improvisation Camp, Clown, MA, 2005-07

Merrimack Repertory Theater Young Artists at Play, Clown, MA, 2004-07

Boston Latin Academy Drama Club, Physical Comedy, MA, 2003

Robinson Middle School, Lowell, Writing, MA, 2002

Harlem School of the Arts, Clown, New York, NY, 2010-2011
Merrimack Repertory Theater Young Company, Clown, MA, 2004-07
For Kids Only After-School, Clown, Winthrop, MA 2003
Summersongs Camp, Dance, Cambridge, MA, 2002
Arts in Progress, Story Theater and Journalism, Boston, MA, 2001-02

Massachusetts College of Art, August Studios, Performance Art, MA, 1999


Praise from Middle School:

"You are the coolest dance teacher on the planet to me! Bye for now. P.S. You are the best teacher."
- Jessica, 13, Longfellow School

Praise from a Camp Director:

"Barbara was great at finding that creative outlet that allowed a child to express a character. She has a great "bag of tricks" for keeping children actively engaged in interesting activities."

- Penelope Kleespies, Director, Summersongs Camp


Urban Stages, Lycee Francais, Clown, New York, NY, 2011-2015

Tribal Rhythms, In-School & After-School, Boston, MA, 2002-07

Visiting Artist Workshops
Cultural Exchange, Salvador, Brazil with WAK & BAM, 2006

Merrimack Repertory Theater Young Artists at Play, Clown, MA, 2004-07

Forest Hills Educational Trust, Interactive Art Tours, Boston, MA, 2003-06

FleetBoston Celebrity Series Dance Across the City Day, Clown, MA, 2006

Jeffries Point East Boston Neighborhood Association, Theater, MA, 2002

Cambridge Performance Project, Circus, Theater, Dance, MA, 2001-07

Harrington Community School Summer Camp, Circus, MA, 2006
Jump for Joy pre-school site visit program, Dance, Gymnastics, MA, 2004

Artbarn Community Theater Brookline, Set Design, MA, 2000

Praise from Elementary School:

"The best part is when we played acting. I learned that we can all get along with other people and we can do all kinds of things together."
- Malik, Grade 5, Charles Taylor School

More from Elementary School:

"Thank you for teaching us. I am happy because it is fun for me and I am enjoying theater. We like you a lot and thank you for the dance activities. Thank you for making a good play and song and making it work out. You are the best. We love you."

- Elisa & Janisa & Hewan, Grade 4, Fletcher Maynard Academy

Praise from a commissioned Children's Educational Tour:

"Barbara Michaels, an artist, clown, actress, educator, and kazoo player, is an all around wonderful person. She has a great sense of how to combine play, imagination, and learning."
- Cecily Miller, Director, Forest Hills Educational Trust

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