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Give Out the Vote to Get Out the Vote

#IVOTE4U Behind The Scenes

Dixon Place | New York City

What would the world be like...

if we all voted FOR each other?


What do you want to be President of?

Peace? Prosperity? Pretzels?


#IVOTE4U votes for diverse people of all ages. We empower you to be President of whatever you choose. All Presidencies are equal in our eyes - we vote for your right to self-declaration. Hearing "I vote for you" feels good, too. People stand up a little straighter and smile. 

#IVOTE4U is topical to national and local elections, yet those elections are not the topic. You are.


In 2016, we voted for almost 500 people in New York City, over four months.


In 2017, #IVOTE4U went out nationwide, supported in part by a grant from Participatory Safety, Inc. We've got hundreds of Presidents now in Miami, New Orleans, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, back in New York, and more...


We vote for You, today and for 2020 electionsWhat will you do as your First Act in Office, President You?

2016 Company: Barbara Ann Michaels (Dorothy), Brooke Turner (Frances), Kelsey Riker (Bonnie) & Rachel Santos.

2017 Company: Barbara Ann Michaels (Dorothy), Monica Jeremias (Memo), Jonathan DeVilbiss

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