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Witty in Pink Over Wave Petunias

Wave petunia mavens "Rose-Anne" and "Peggy" are merry marketers at Ball Horticultural's 2008 Pack Trials in Santa Paula, CA, an industry event for flower growers and retailers. These "sisters-in-law" from "Bloomington" are fully acted characters based on Ball's spring TV spot in which Wave fans adorned in pink confess adoration for Wave, a hybrid petunia that can spread a few feet in a garden. Our job is to bring attention to Ball's new marketing campaign and encourage retailers to grow the Wave brand by using easy-to-spot hot pink pots in stores.

The ever-smiling "sisters" tell linked back-stories from their petunia-positive lives to attendees from growers to garden-writers. Busy with kids and careers in Bloomington, they want impressive yet easy gardens to entertain their book club... enter Wave!

A host of zany, original pink props support our targeted antics. We proudly display a "Petunia Family" photo album and interview guests about their fave Waves over a petunia microphone that's "plugged" into a pot of pastel Waves. Technical attendees are delighted by our "reboundability study" in which we subject a hand-made pocket-garden of fabric flowers to mock weather conditions from a spritzer bottle and pocket fan. Photo opportunities put our multi-national audience in the pink with boas, beads, and flower pot hats. Product marketing, meet on-message improv comedy!

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