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Picaso-so Draws Lakeville to the Arts

There is Picasso, world-class painter, and then there is Picaso-so... a zany doodler of thick, if dubious, European accent. At the Lakeville Arts and Music Festival, I revel in quick-sketching guests' portraits on give-away index card "canvases." My posture is serious, refined, but my banter is ridiculous! Picaso-so gushes, "Ooh, I mahst draw you now. Picaso-so eez brilliant painter, no? Vhat!? Yes, zee answer eez Yes! I see you ahgree!" He boldly swirls for the youngster a likeness of her face and hair that would make any second-grader's mom proud. An exchange of grins closes the deal. Next stop, Sotheby's?

A rainbow of butterflies dally on my palette as dabs of paint. Each splashy line I draw changes hue (thanks to a pencil filled with multi-colored lead!). In Lakeville, I have the honor of making the first-ever drawing of weeks-old infant Violet. Next, a young boy clutching his plastic pet dinosaur is awarded a triumphant sketch in which he rides his prehistoric steed. Next, with crafty delight, I capture the love I see in a couple's clasped hands. Picaso-so lahvs lahv! And Barbara loves Fall Festivals!

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