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Ms. Bio/Diesel: Global Cool for Biodiesel Expo

"Our company engaged Barbara for our annual two-day national trade show. We created a theme ("From farm to fuel!"- for alternative energy) and asked Barbara if she could create a character to match the theme. She did — and it was very successful. We will use Barbara again next year!"

- Steve Austin, General Manager, SunBio Systems

Half sunflower and half... gas pump? Organic meets mechanic at the National Biodiesel Expo in Orlando, FL. I'm here with SunBio Systems, a supplier of biodiesel fuel technology and feedstock. My stilt-walking costume realizes their slogan, Farm to Fuel, in eight feet of intriguing, informative entertainment. On the Farm side, my arm is draped with sunny petals and my long leg is a green stem festooned with leaves. I always plant surprises in my costumes, like the little red ladybug on my inner arm! On the Fuel side, I'm a metallic, angular biodiesel fuel pump, complete with working "gallon" and "$" counters. There's even a place to "swipe" a card, from which attendees can nab one of the company president's business cards!

Men and women, steeped in technical workings all day, circle round, happy to engage creatively with the only 'art' at this trade show. I hand out packs of SunBio-labeled sunflower seeds as I pitch SunBio's services and direct listeners to our booth. Questions about my costume lead right back to Farm to Fuel, SunBio's slogan.

I'm a natural photo opportunity with both attendees and other exhibitors. Entire booth teams bring Ms. Bio/Diesel over to snap group photos, with SunBio's name shining from her flowered headdress! Vibrant, themed costumes sidestep competition in favor of enjoyment and connection.

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