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Kindergartners Pass Clown Exam in Dorchester

Smile! At Fields Corner Main Streets' Countdown to Kindergarten, Nurse Dot is conducting clown exams to make sure children are ready for the wild world of school. Tests include the School Picture Test (at right) to assess smile width, the Sharing Test (above) to determine cooperative inclination, and the Hand Raising Test, in which each giggling "patient" uses a back scratcher to reach up and tickle Nurse Dot under the arm! All the children pass their Kindergarten "Tests" with flying colors and numbers!

We then parade down the sidewalk to local businesses who cheerfully meet us at their shop doors to donate school supplies to the children. Dorchester's newest students fill up treat bags while I play a cymbal, drum, bell, and kazoo all at once, adding a friendly cacophony. We visit a bank, restaurant, real estate office, and more! Main Streets programs serve to link a neighborhood's residential and business communities in mutually supportive ways.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Clown...

Share One Chair

Cry & Laugh Loud

Surprise Yourself

Surprise Another

Be True

Wonder Well

Silliness Can Save You

Do Your Best

Know the World is Funny

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