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General John Glover, Still in Marblehead

Merry Christmas, Marblehead! In 1776, on December 25, General John Glover of Marblehead and his 1,000 strong Marine Regiment rowed Washington's army across the Delaware River to deliver a "present" to the Hessians at Trenton. For July 4, I'm presenting a living statue of John Glover on Washington Street at the Marblehead Festival of Arts Street Festival. Thanks, John! My costume, created by Liam Breck and myself, is based on the statue of Glover on Boston's Commonwealth Mall. Some parents take a moment to enact a history lesson when reading my plaque about Glover's famous mission.

As a statue, I'm not speaking, but communicating volumes with eye contact and body language. With no verbal agreement, two sisters attentively mirror the measured steps of my slow-motion roving. A band of boys try to make me laugh with zany jumps and goofy faces, but having been a whimsical theater teacher for almost ten years, I stand no chance of cracking. I'm smiling big on the inside, of course! Parents ask their smaller children: is he real or is he a statue? Thoughtful small faces watch my occasional movements. The jury is still out among the under-4 set!

A Day in the Life of John Glover, circa the 21st Century:

People of all ages enjoy the surreal experience of playing with a statue:

Staring contest

Lift my arm

Try to make me laugh

Say, "Move"

Say, "Don't Move"

Pet my bird

Ask for a kiss

Step on my foot

Tap my shoulder. . . and hide

Share salutes

Wink back

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