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Eden Trauma Center Gala Appeals to the Gods

Nominated for a 2008 Special Events GALA Award

Best Event Produced for a Non-Profit Organization

Produced by Method 42 Productions & Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery

Our flowing robes fall still, matched in white by our motionless painted arms and faces. We're regal, romantic Ancient Greek statues... until we wink! Or dance! We're here at Ruby Hill Winery with Method 42 Productions, gracing a Mediterranean feast honoring the life-saving work of the Eden Trauma Center in Castro Valley, CA. We love responding to a theme with custom theatrics; for this evening's travel theme, we invent a new Ancient Greek God & Goddess!

I'm aglow as "Miraculae, Goddess of the Golden Hour." Physicians refer to the first crucial hour after a major injury as The Golden Hour, during which victims who receive medical care have a better chance of recovery. The Eden Trauma Center is an emergency destination for such extreme accidents. I hold a themed version of the staff of Asclepius, its symbolic winding snake rising into Eden's logo

My partner in our pantheon stands benevolently as "Eden, God of Generosity." He embodies the evening's fund-raising mission — white coins bearing Eden's logo spill from his hand into a vessel at his feet. We interact from atop high podiums and fool many mortals into thinking we're real statues! Later, we come down from the clouds to play in a beautiful Grecian-themed courtyard. My favorite 'move' is draping guests in my 27 foot sash for photos, revealing the divine in each man and woman!

To Your Health... and Yours and Yours!

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