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"Fortunate" Teller Charms Fletcher School

With flickering eyes and a British-ish accent, Primrose pops, "Yes, you can be whatever you want, as long as you focus!" With that, the 17th Century "Fortunate Teller," lightly bops her young client on the crown, "Next!" At Fletcher Maynard Academy's Halloween Party, Primrose is culling notions about her young guests from objects they choose from her table of toys. With arched eyebrows, she demands a reason for their choice (never mind that she's supposed to know!) Otherwise perky children, costumed from superhero to bride, are befuddled with nervous hope. Some barely blink as Primrose holds their sweet faces in a theatrical frame! Most listen extremely seriously, revealing how impressionable they are. All of Primrose's fortunes are positive, inspiring children with special talents they have to share with the world.

Two young teens giggle into my chair and when I tell them that they work well together to help others, they erupt in shrieks of "It's true! It's true!" Next, a younger boy picks a small mirror and immediately explains that he helps people see what's good about them. I tell him he has told his own fortune and he puffs with pride. As theater is stories of our lives, it is not hard as a practiced actor to weave a tale to fit the picture I see before me. Call it magic, call it sensitive attention, call it a lot of fun on Halloween. Boo!

The Secret Stories of Objects:

Golden Drum -- Others will follow your lead

Colorful Ball -- You bring happiness

Bicycle Horn -- You know when to speak up

Compass -- You know your direction

Golden Bell -- You say beautiful things

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