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Dazzling Direction for San Francisco Theater Fest

Going to a show? Be the Show! At the San Francisco Theater Festival, Sesame the Director sees talent in everyone! This annual community event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts features over 100 free performances in the span of just one afternoon. Sesame essentially acts as the festival mascot, creating silly and sudden performances all around the grounds -- starring event patrons! With a quick 'somewhere in Europe' accent, Sesame delivers the Theater Festival's marketing message and more, "Everywhere you go at the San Francisco Theater Festival, there is a show! And you? You must be an actor, too! Yes, you are a show!"

Sesame informs theatergoers that they are the lucky "stars" of a show happening right now, right here! "Says who? Sesa-me! Sesame the Director!" Their friends & children make temporary, and amused, audiences. Sesame directs guests in simple dramatic actions of emotion as their "show" -- the pout, the wish, love, a theft, and more! Now it's bravos & applause... and the next instant curtain...yours!

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