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Luminary of the Day Blog shares the life wisdom (so far) of Barbara Ann Michaels

Barbara in Butterfly Mode

I was featured as a Luminary of the Day in March, 2014. It was a time of great transition in my life, along with years of great transition before and after. There was a time when I felt I was in perpetual deep transition. These are the times that source won wisdom, that then gets translated into art in all media.

Here is the link to the Luminary of the Day site, and below, what I wrote for us all to grow on, called "Change is Our Birthright."

"Don’t hold anyone to who they used to be, especially yourself. Evolution is all of our birthright. Embrace who you are becoming, as an individual, as a friend, a lover, a family member, and in the roles you play across many communities. Give the same ‘gift of grow’ to everyone you know – and to those you need to let go.

Enjoy how the circles of your life bring out different sides of you. At least once a year (your birthday?), have a gathering where the thing most people have in common is you. The new alliances that form will delight you from the heart out.

It’s your birthday twice a day – on the clock, which works in cycles of 12, just like the calendar. For me, that’s 11:14, a.m. and p.m. Celebrate yourself in what you eat, wear, say, dream, cause, do – and in what you no longer do. Birth each new day of your life with some of that same presence and special outlook that you feel on ‘your day.’ What day isn’t your day?

Don’t worry that you will become selfish and ugly if you make yourself happy first. Your true joy is generous by nature. When you live it, you give it.

You can learn to laugh when things go wrong. Remember some of those things that weren’t funny then, that are funny now? Shorten the distance between then and now. A laugh sets you loose when you think you’re losing.

Your feelings are not a crisis. Getting hit by bus is a crisis. Feelings move through you to move you through. Peace and happiness, fun and confidence, many delicious states of mind – sometimes elusive – are all a choice. When you wax woe, rail against joy, resentful, feeling left out or incapable, remember this: remember to remember to choose to be glad. You can decide again to experience peace and fun as many times as you want; there is no limit on sanity.

Move, make, groove, shake… your creativity is your source and your course.

Surround yourself with people who empower you and encourage you. Safety plus daring equals happiness.

In love, you are not looking for the one who ever delights and excites you, lighting your mad passion with their bionic match. Your true matches, in any kind of love, are the ones you also naturally relax around. Where harmony resounds, ‘true you’ abounds. There, your passion is the hottest fashion.

Don’t protect other people with silence. Often, the more honest you are, the more capable they are.

Learn your family’s stories. You will be surprised.

Talk to strangers. You make the world a safer place when you grace our space with your face.

Count your day in memories. When you lay down, lay out what you experienced. Have fun finding a reason to be grateful for the things you didn’t like, as well as the things you adored.

The present is much more interesting than the past or the future. See you there!"

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