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Who wears the pants in Arlington, MA?

The Big Pants

featuring ACA Executive Director John Budzyna photos by Linda Shoemaker

I'm in a pink dress too large by eight sizes, papering the crowd with fall class schedules for the Arlington Center for the Arts at Arlington Town Day. My costume theme for the day is "big." There are so many people passing by that I'm flipping left and right in quick succession to catch the smiles of as many adults and kids as possible. I offer with a ballpark shout, "Arlington Center for the Arts," and many people stop with a yes; the name carries clout in the community. I change costumes, bringing out The Big Pants, a pair of size 68 khakis that I often can wear with another adult, one leg per person. I'm hoping to get Executive Director John Budzyna into The Big Pants with me for flyering, as the pants always draw grins. Budzyna comes through, setting an example for his devoted staff. Go for the gusto in marketing! Wear The Big Pants!

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