Your Self

Are you at a crossroads?

Have you recently made a big life choice?

Do you have a major life insight that is sending you in a new direction?


Marry Your Self is a 3-session journey of your commitment to you.

• Celebrate your self-love, the root of your living authentically and powerfully.

• Invite your favorite people - being witnessed  makes declaring your vow and devotion to your self so very powerful.

• I am here to guide you. I applaud you and help you stand in your own awe and joy at how much you desire and inspire your own life. 

"I got inspired by my sensuality in so many different directions: my movement, my taste, my touch, my sight... "

- Laura, married her Sexuality

"Barbara knew, intuitively, how to introduce me to parts of myself and take me so much higher than I ever imagined, with wit, laughter, & magic." 

- Sophia, wed her Power before marrying her husband. 

Your 3-session journey of Self-Love:

"Pre-Marital Counseling"
We explore your commitment.


Your Ceremony
We celebrate you. Guests welcome! 


"Marriage Counseling"
How are you living your commitment?
Revisit your vow, anytime in the year.



Want to

Marry Your Self

or Renew A Vow?

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