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Passion vs. Intimacy | Family & Lovers 


A clown show. Or Books and Music

Audience-Interactive Physical Theater about the difference between passion and intimacy, and the wild heart, mind, andbody journey to attaining and sharing both. The main character learns passion but not intimacy from her family, then goes out on her life-path learning intimacy, with diversely odd and just-like-everybody-else ups and downs, crashes andcelebrations. She ultimately brings intimacy home.


A funny work about a serious thing, this show aims to also evoke desire for family connection, deeper authenticity, more outrageous expression, and immense self-love in the audience, as they, too, unite in love and creativity.

Presented by:

Failsafe Festival, New York City 2017

Movement Research at the Judson Church, New York City 2017

Workshopped with:

Vital Signs Residency, Plainfield, MA 2017

New York Goofs, Dallas, TX 2017



Into the color field I go in the _blippapp at Moving Image Art Fair
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