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Welcome to HumorVille

The small town online for big laughs in real life. 

After 30 years of creating fun and transformational audience-interactive performances, drawing shared joy from artful takes on everyday experiences - like weddings, voting, phone calls and more - I realized I was founding a town for humor for wellness.


I'd made a...

Post Office: Love Letter Lounge

Library: It's Funny Now 

Museum: Humor Arts Museum

Congregation: House of Holy Humor

And more...


Humor is a home for me, a place I both explore and restore.

Positive humor builds communitywhen people feel seen, heard, celebrated and connected.  I'm honored and delighted to offer these playful and sincere performances to support, surprise, sweeten and strengthen your groups, whether cultural, educational, corporate or community. 

Welcome to HumorVille! 

- Reverend Artist Barbara Ann Michaels, Jester of the Peace

Our Town Motto:
"Ripple Affection"

(A ripple effect of affection)

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