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6-week Self-Expression Course Online

Experience Community. Express Creativity. Exhale.

Experience the relief of being known.

6-Week BETA begins Feb 20 & 21, 2024

and express 
more of

Be Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Connected. Express yourself through art, love and humor in a caring and courageous community. Each week, we enjoy a shared self-expression experience. Drawing on the live arts, we let ourselves be free to flow, grow and be known. No experience in the arts or performance is necessary, simply a willingness to explore and adore ourselves and each other for doing so.



  • We meet virtually for 6 weeks.

  • In between, we connect in an online hub.

  • Also on the hub and via email, you'll receive a daily creativity prompt for an action to take, a thought to try out or a way of being to sample.

  • Of course, there are suprises along the way, too.

Apply here.



Week 1: Opening Ceremony: Self-Expression Salon

Week 2: Love Letter Lounge (write)

Week 3: Circus of the Heart (reframe)

Week 4: I Vote 4 U (declare)

Week 5: Marry Your Self (honor)

Week 6: Closing Ceremony: Self-Expression Salon

Seen, Heard, Celebrated combines participatory arts expreinces I have led for decades into an uplifting group journey. Welcome to the BETA journey!



This series is designed to further our relationships with ourselves and each other. The tuition is structured to be shared - bring friends and make friends, all in one.

Tuition -- $1111 for 1 person 

Early Bird -- $555 each for 2 people 


It's an honor and a pleasure to be with you as you meet and greet more of you. Welcome!

Apply here.

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