Rev. Barbara Ann Michaels'


February 14

Conception Day

I was born on November 14th.

I was conceived on Valentine's Day.

I honor my conception by:

Hosting a gathering, asking what people want to conceive in their life this year.

April 20th

Dancing in the Streets Day

Honoring My Dad Paul Michaels

My Dad loves Motown music.

I honor my Dad's love of music by:

Playing the song Dancing In The Streets by Martha and the Vandellas and dancing in the street with friends.

October 18th

Tea Talk Day

Grandmother Julia Mikotajuk

My grandmother was the best listener

I know for a little girl.

She would make me black tea

in a flowered tea cup

with two sugars (or was it four!)

I honor my Grandmother's listening by:

Making tea in flowered tea cups

and having a long talk with a friend.

October 28th

Two Books Day

Mom Judy Michaels

My Mom loves reading every day.

She has a dynamic inner life

with all she learns and knows.

I honor my Mom's love of reading by:

Reading a fiction and a non-fiction book or article written on the same subject.

November 14th

Connector's Day

My birthday

I am an unstoppable connector for others. If I know someone wants something great,

I will open my network on the spot. Connector's Day honors the person

who introduced you to that person

who then changed your life.

I honor connectors by:

Sending two cards, from me

and from the pivotal person I met,

to the person who introduced us.