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"Have Fun, Be True."



is ART

© 2019 Barbara Ann Michaels 


646-648-0128 | PO 715, NYC, 10024

Honored to be interviewed on 77 WABC Radio on the Thank You Dan and Alex show. We're talking about what I have learned about relationships as a wedding and love artist. My segment is the one on "Life Changing Experiences." Thank you, Alex and Dan!   

Thanks to Ari at RiverVideos for making this wonderful clip of both #IDANCELIKEU and #IVOTE4U at Riverdale Riverfest. I did both projects in one day and engaged the festival audience in their own self expression. Seeing each other and reflecting back what we see is a g...

October 29, 2016

I presented about the #IVOTE4U project -- voting for people in the streets to be President of whatever they desire, as a way to vote for our rights to self-expression and civic engagement simultaneously -- at a New York storytelling event called “Show and Tale.” People...

September 26, 2016

What would the world be like if we all voted for each other? #IVOTE4U is the election year project of Barbara's Ripple Affection interactive theater company. We vote for people in the streets to be President of anything they desire, from Peace, to Paris, to Pretzels. W...

July 23, 2016

Veronica Willow, the host of the show Lust Life, marries her sexuality in a personal ceremony officiated by me, as Jester of the Peace. Lust Life is a web show about love, lust, and everything in between. Enjoy the use of a split screen, enabling our host to play both...

I was interviewed on Lust Life about four highly creative legal weddings I've performed as an Ordained Interfaith Minister. I officiate for couples who must express their creativity in their weddings, otherwise they won't feel real in their hearts. Other people need to...

December 4, 2015

I walk into Claudine Maidique Gallery's space at The Miami Project, a satellite fair of Art Basel in Miami. Aside from becoming my instant true friend, she asks me to create a performance piece on the spot. She is showing vintage airline stewardess dresses as part of a...

June 12, 2015

I made this advertising video at my first community video day with Weleet, a co-working community based in New York City. On video days, all the people who come help each other make short videos for each of their businesses. Plus, they serve delicious lunch. It's a gen...

While at a women's retreat in Paris, my clown nose and I strolled over to the Eiffel Tower. My purpose was humanitarian, to put it high brow, and to love everybody up to put it medium brow. I didn't speak much French at the time, or any of the other lilting languages t...

Sam Shelley came to a class I taught on Juggling as a Meditation Practice. He had lived with MS for years and lost movement ability, yet had seen recent gains via yoga. As a former juggler, he was dubious that he could still juggle, yet his devotion to his vital body b...

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#IDANCELIKEU and #IVOTE4U at Riverdale Riverfest

June 4, 2017

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